Stay at beach mom

Hi, I’m Christina. Welcome to Beach Mama Blog! I am a wife and a mama and we live at the beach! I have been wanting to start a blog ever since I was pregnant with Carli, but ย it was always so hard and overwhelming – I never even came close! I have slowly started to teach myself, and have made it this far… so I am thrilled to be to this point and see where it goes! It is such a good feeling to see the progress and to learn how to do something that you have always wanted to do.ย 

A Creative Outlet for this Mama

I am living my dream life, married to the perfect husband and I get to stay home with my daughters every day too. Living in San Diego isn’t so bad either. Though I am happier than I have ever been, it hasn’t come without its challenges and Jordan and I have learned so much and been through so much to get to this point. It is a whirlwind to think what can happen in just 3-5 years. In these years, becoming a wife and a mother, I have had some of the most adventurous, exciting, scary and full of love and laughter – years in my entire life. With all of this, I have made mom friends that I don’t know what I would do without. We have gotten to experience baby showers, hospital stays, home improvements, home design, birthdays, anniversaries, a PANDEMIC…, and so much more! Throughout the past five years, I turned to Pinterest with questions and looking for inspiration almost daily. Answers to questions like, “what do I pack in my hospital bag?” or “How do I potty train my toddler?”, were answered by countless bloggers that gave me perspective, ideas, and advice! Even just seeing numerous search results, made me not feel alone in asking! With all of this madness I have learned a lot too. Now I can share what has helped me get through the hardest times, and show how we celebrated the good times!

Stay at Beach Mom

Currently, I am home full time with my daughters. I am in school part time while I stay home with them and I am working towards either a Preschool Teacher or a School Counselor Career. Right now, home is where I want to be and I am fortunate (and grateful) to have that option! While I am home with them we get to explore mostly year-round and see all that Southern California has to offer.ย 

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