Rainbow Toddler Activities

I am a Child Development student currently, working towards a Preschool Teacher Certification. I do have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and had plans to get my Masters in School Counseling, but my desire to stay home with my kids while they are little changed my course for now, and I have enjoyed taking online courses while I am a stay at home mom of two littles.ย 

This was based on a final project I had for a course. We had to chose a theme and base a curriculum off of it. We created a web relating the central theme to various learning areas. I chose rainbows. So with these we explored colors, color mixing, light, sun, planting, rainbow fish, and the list went on! When class ended, that also meant Carli was off for the summer, and I thought it would be perfect to try out the Rainbow Curriculum, and have fun with the rainbow activities all summer. Here are some photos from last summers rainbow activities. Check back soon for updates – Carli has been asking to do a lot of these activities and we have some new ones to add to the mix!

Ice Cube Color Mixing

Ice cube tray

Liquid Droppers

Food Coloring

Storage Bin OR

Sensory Table

Glass bowls



To prep for this activity simply fill an Ice Cube tray with water and then add some drops of food coloring. I made some primary and some secondary colors. Once ice has formed, place some bowls inside a large plastic storage bin or a sensory table. using warm water, drop water onto the cubes to melt the water and mix the colors.ย 

STEM Color Mixing Activity

This activity requires barely any prep! Just spoon a little baking soda in each. Squirt a little food coloring in them. Then hand your kiddo a squirt bottle filled with vinegar and let them have at it!

Rainbow Rice Sensory Activity

Add some rice to 5 or 6 separate zip lock bags. Squirt some food coloring into each. Roll all around. (This part is great for the kids to do!) Then once you have separate bags of colored rice, add to a sensory bin, table, bowl, whatever works for ya! Let it dry, and then add some scoops, spoons, cups, toys, etc!

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