Chasing Playgrounds

The Strand

This March, in light of the St. Patricks day theme, I though it was a fun time to explore San Diego playgrounds. I have been wanting to share our favorites, and also find some new ones for the girls. So come along as we explore San Diego and find the best playgrounds and parks!

We have been with Fit4Mom since Carli was a baby, so we frequent the strand and the pier during the week as well as with Dad and grandparents on the weekends! This is also one of our favorite spots to bring out of town family and friends! The girls love the swings by the Pier and I love the view and the breeze while I stand here and push them. The day these photos were taken, the wind started blowing hard and sand was blowing on us! I still had trouble getting them to leave! 

There are two separate playgrounds, one big and one smaller! Perfect when your babe are different ages. There are a few tables and benches along the sidewalk making it easy for parents and caregivers. The walkway over to the playground is also convenient for strollers. 

There is currently construction right across the strand from these playgrounds. So the only downside is that there are only outhouses nearby for restrooms. But this is only temporary! The new steps and the bathroom that they are working on is going to look great when finished and will make it even easier to access! 

Marshall Park

We heard about Marshall park through a friend when we mentioned that we wanted to find a park with a seesaw! I want to say it was Peppa Pig that exposed my four year old to seesaws, and she started asking to go to one! Marshall Park is located within a quiet neighborhood, and there aren’t any bathrooms so that’s always good to know when traveling with kids. 

There is a grassy area where there are always people from the neighborhood walking their dogs. The playground and park is right next to the Marshall swim center so there is a parking lot. 

Las Verdes Park

This is the park that inspired this entire adventure. We were running errands, and only had a little bit of daylight left and some antsy kids. So we searched for a nearby playground and found this gem! It inspired us to start venturing out and exploring new parks and playgrounds. 

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