My Top 3 Baby Carriers

I think baby wearing is my favorite part of motherhood! With my first, I only had the ergo baby carrier. I loved it and used it for years. With my second, knowing it was most likely my last – I knew I wanted to try out some of the wraps that scared me too much the first time around! I started looking into the different types and brands and one stuck out to me. 

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The Solly Wrap

The softest thing on the planet. The Solly Wrap is by far my favorite baby carrier! It is made with soft, stretchy, durable fabric and my baby loved to be wrapped up and snug on mama. When I first started seeing moms baby wearing with these complicated looking wraps, I instantly knew that would never be me. By the time I became pregnant with baby # 2, I started thinking about how different the newborn phase was going to be this time around. I wasn’t going to be sitting in a quiet room, rocking my tiny baby to sleep. I was most likely going to be chasing around the three-year-old and holding a crying baby.  I realized I would be baby wearing more often and would want a softer comfier carrier.

Thank goodness I had a Solly Wrap ready to go when Tomi girl came home, because this baby was COLICKY. She was a few weeks early, with my water breaking at 35 weeks. She had acid reflux and a few weeks of Colic and I don’t think I would have survived it without a cozy wrap like the SOLLY. This was the only way I could get my poor baby girl to sleep for naps and throughout the night for SEVERAL months!

The ERGO Baby Carrier

Ok now that I have written a Romance Novel about the Solly Wrap, I will move on to the tried and true- absolute must have- baby carrier, the ERGO. If new moms wanted to know my opinion I would have to say that the ERGO is one of the most used baby items, and one I for sure couldn’t live without! This statement became even more true with the second baby.

This one is more durable and PERFECT for adventures. Things like: The Zoo, hikes, walks, outdoor workouts, grocery shopping would not be very doable or enjoyable without the ERGO. Depending on the style of the ERGO you get some can be more challenging than others to put on by yourself. Be sure to get the Ergo 360 if you want your baby to be able to face outwards. Once they get bigger they like to see what’s going on. The one I was gifted for my baby shower did not have this feature and so my baby could only face mThis carrier does not involve any complicated ties and twists to secure your baby in. Most carriers like this are just a few buckles and you’re good to go! Aside from simplicity, this carrier is also less fabric and therefore cooler! If you are doing any activity where you are outdoors and it is warm – you won’t feel like you are wearing an extra shirt on top of a warm baby pressed up agains you. 

Here is a link to the OMNI 360, my favorite!!! 


DADS love the ERGO! I of course am all for the Dads rocking the baby wraps and slings, it is amazing and I am here for it!! BUT – I also know many dads, my husband included who wouldn’t be caught dead – however, the ERGO is rugged and cool looking enough to get most Dads to snap it on and help carry the kiddos when out and about. Mom’s everywhere rejoice.

It also has thick durable, but still soft fabric, that holds the baby with a lot of support. The ergonomic design of this carrier is amazing and really provides amazing back support while slugging around these heavy, crazy adorable kids of ours.

The wildbird sling

Finally my third favorite baby carrier – the WildBird Ring Sling. I want ten more babies just so I can buy ten more slings. Purchasing a Wild Bird Ring Sling is more than just another baby item, it is a treat for you mama. The quality of the linen and the care put into every fiber of these slings is incredible.

Buying the print I wanted, and treating myself to a sling was an easy decisio and so worth it! The linen used with this slings is designed with you babies soft skin in mind. My babygirl preferred the sling as she got bigger and felt too contained in the Solly wrap. 


  • Raluca

    Hi I have a question for you !
    We did Atlantis 5 years ago with 2 older kids now I have a toddler and a 5 month old … I have a question did you take car seats for the airport to the hotel ?
    I don’t know what to do … last time I went the older kids where old enough to not need a car seat ?
    Did you guys get a taxi or a van from the airport to the hotel ?
    Thank you

    • Christina

      IM so sorry, I wish I saw this sooner! Our kids have been sick all summer it feels like!

      We did not bring them to the Bahamas because we assumed we could get a rental car with one there. We had trouble doing that! They look at you like ..whats a car seat! When we went to Costa Rica this year we brought them and it was much easier!

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