Batch Bake Baby Food

With my first baby, Carli, I fell in love with making babyfood purees. Something is so aesthetically pleasing about getting a perfectly smooth baby food! With the Ninja Baby Bullet its super easy to make small portions of baby food. I used it all the time for whipping up quick banana purees when the baby is just starting to eat solids. I’d use it to mix up baby oatmeal as well. We almost always cook dinner at home and always have a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies. So it was always easy and affordable to feed our babies homemade purees with the Baby Bullet.

Once I had my second baby girl, Tomi, I quickly realized how different everything was going to be this time around, having Carli – a 3 year old running around! Making baby food was one thing that became a little bit more challenging to do. Once I started doing larger batch bakes, I found it to be a little bit easier, to alway ensure you have some food on hand. I would make as much as I had containers for, keep as much in the fridge that would keep, and then freeze the rest.

Here is a list of the ingredients I used for this batch bake:

Sweet Potatoes
Red Bell Peppers
Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas
Fresh or Frozen Blueberries
Yellow Squash or Butternut

My youngest is now 14 months and is eating mostly finger foods now. She does still like pouches though especially when she has teeth coming in she often prefers cold pouches to chewing food for a few days. I can still make a batch bake and put them into reusable pouches like these from simple modern

My method of making batch bakes super quick and easy is by using one large deep pot and boiling ALL of your vegetables together in one pot. Some may find this tedious when you want to make a puree of just one ingredient – but for me I just paid attention to how big I chopped up the veggies and used a large ladle to scoop out what I wanted. Cooking things separately takes time and using multiple pans just creates more dishes… So I found that when I did this the first time around, using what I had in the pantry, it was quick and easy and so was the clean-up. 

I also make some breakfast type purees and now pouches for her using oatmeal, cinnamon, and banana, peach or blueberries. Or a breakfast smoothie using yogurt and fruit and either let her use a silicone spoon or put into a reusable pouches from simple modern. 

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