Muted Rainbow Nursery

This is for sure my favorite room in the whole house. I am on love with how it turned out. I wanted a relaxing and atheistically pleasing room where I could enjoy the view while sit up at night rocking my little baby to sleep. I ordered a sample of these Rainbow Decals from Urban Walls for $5.   I tried out a few paint samples, and Cabbage Rose by Sherwin Williams was exactly the mauve pink color I was looking for and matched the decals. I decided I wanted to do one wall with the decals and that I wanted the decals to be on a white wall. I am going to have to do some digging and find the name, because after the nightmare of sampling a bunch of whites, I can’t remember the name of the one we ended up going with! I found these blackout curtains from amazon that match unbelievably well with the pink wall color! The one window in the nursery is on the white wall so that also worked out perfectly! If I wanted to go crazy I would have liked to get a different rocking chair to coordinate with the colors of this room, but overall, I was still in love with the way this room came together.
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This took some figuring out! I knew this is the layout I wanted for the decals but initially we didn’t know the best way to achieve it! Our house is old and our walls are not always perpendicular to the floor. Measuring even became tricky here. I did the columns along the corners of the wall first, then did the bottom two rows, measuring from the drop up and using a piece of yarn stretched across and taped the the wall. I applied the decals according to that line, rather than any actual measurements. 

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