Grid Pattern Picture Wall

My method to prevent destroying the wall

This seems daunting and time consuming, and it was! BUT it was way easier than any other alternative I could think of! It worked for me, so here is how I did it!


Originally, I planned on having all of frames hanging on the wall. A construction miscommunication occurred and our thermostat ended up right in the middle of this wall! Devastating- I know. But thanks to IKEA, this floating picture ledge worked out perfectly and I really like the way it turned out!

The tricky part about hanging these frames is that there are two brackets on each one, leaving little room for error! So thanks to some brainstorming between my husband and I – we decided to make use of the huge pile of amazon boxes and get creative. 

  1. First I cut up a couple of amazon boxes. Then, I traced one of the frames and measured where the brackets were. Zig zag line and all – its important for hanging the frames level. 
  2. Once you have one done, its easy to just use that as a template and cut up some more (as many frames as you have). 
  3. After we had all of the cardboard ‘templates’ cut, I taped them up where I wanted them. This took some rearranging and I had to be aware of where the cardboard wasn’t totally level. But it was close enough and worked out really well! ( I also laid the frames out on my floor to rearrange a few times finding the layout I liked best). 
  4. Once we had them laid out to the pattern we wanted, we took thumb tacks and pushed them through the cardboard and wall to mark where the nails will need to go. They use chalk or pencil marks to do this generally, but I was jut struggling with those methods, and this worked out so easily for me. 
  5. I would take down the cardboard, one by one, and hang a frame, using a level to ensure it was lining up. 
  6. Overall it was a pretty seemly process. And while it was sort of time consuming- I think hanging a picture wall in a grid pattern will be time consuming no matter how you do it! 

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