Polka Dot Big Girl Room

Carli was such a trooper while her room became more and more torn apart, as we made it through the home addition construction process! The new construction was being built right off of her room and the sliding door had to be removed and patched up with boards. Her playroom/nursery was always a mess and looked a little scary! Once the addition is was done and we could move into our new bedroom, I was able to redecorate and give Carli a bright and playful big girl room that she deserveCarli was in a bubbly phase where she would say that “Rainbow” was her favorite color! I felt that a bright white room with rainbow polka dots would fit her best right now. Once again – finding the perfect WHITE for fill an enormous room was challenging. Even after coming home with four samples and feeling excessive, I couldn’t decide and needed to see more. The room was doubling as a playroom so I wanted to ensure that this room was playful and fun but not too overwhelming. With so many baby toys, stuffed animals and dolls in a million bright colors, I thought that keeping the room neutral with a bright white, would be fine with all of other colorful stuff filling the room.

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Polka Dot Wall Decals
Toddler Bed
Toddler Bedding
Tee Pee
Round Rug
Kids Table + Chairs
Toy Kitchen
Costume Rack
Rainbow Toy
Pom Pom Garland
Cube Shelf
Shelf Baskets
Darkening Curtains
Night Stand Shelf

I added some family photos, and some miscellaneous artwork around the room that were used in Carli’s previous room, her nursery. This room, the layout is changed constantly as well as what toys are out. We love doing toy rotations because it really does spark the desire to play with the toys when they haven’t seen them in a while and also with so many toys being gifted to you in addition to the baby items we buy ourselves, it is A LOT! That paired with out tiny home, it can get cluttered fast, so keeping some toys and few of those bulkier items (walkers, scooters, baby strollers) in the closet, garage or some type of short-term storage really helps to keep things clean and organized.

These shelves are from IKEA, as well as the artificial plants. I filled the shelves with books, and toys, and added a pom pom garland from targets party section.

How cute is this bed! I was leaning towards a more long-term bed, and would have loved to get her a twin size or even a full-size bed. However – we have a small home, and so I thought, for now, while she is still a teeny little toddler, that we could get a little toddler bed.  I found this one for pretty cheap, and it has held up to me lying in bed with my daughter for the past few months until she falls asleep – her new thing she needs at bedtime! I would say it is a good value and we will most likely get double use out of it using it for the next babes as well.

The Ikea Kitchen was SO FUN to renovate! I know I can’t stand myself either! I saw some of these little Ikea Kitchen hacks in Pinterest and had so much fun giving it a try myself. I will post about my IKEA Kitchen remodel project in a separate post soon!! The plants are artificial and all from IKEA as well!

This cute little hanging rack from amazon was all I needed to make a little pretend play corner. A few dress up costumes, a few hand-me-down Halloween costumes, and Halloween costumes purchased from second hand stores, make up this little pretend play dress up closet. A mirror screwed to the wall, and a toy bin full of more dress up accessories and toys make this a learning rich play environment.

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