Ikea Kitchen Hack

I started seeing these little ikea kitchens in all of the playroom inspo I was searching for on Pinterest years ago. I love the basic clean and simple version of the Ikea Play Kitchen and I love all of the mini reno renditions people have done. I wanted to give it a try and so I added some backsplash, counter top (shelf paper) and painted! I saw many people blog about this and often say that they were worried about chipping when painting pieces like the sink and the handles since they are plastic and that they did many many layers of paint to prevent this. I was already having some difficulty painting this just because of the humidity at my house, issues finding a place to paint the pieces without leaves and such falling all over it! …and other issues, so I just decided to leave the handles, sink and faucet the way they were.

my basic attempt at the ikea kitchen hack

I tried to keep the right pieces together so that when the paint dried – it would be easy to assemble it. I sanded them up the best I could and I ended up pretty happy with the results despite my yard/weather conditions.

For this DIY Project I bought:
Spray Paint
Stick on tile
Shelf Paper
Poster Board
Small nails and hammer
Other décor: 
Ikea artificial plants
Toothbrush holder for ‘utensil holder’
Ikea cash register toy
Decorative pumpkins

I covered the countertop piece with the shelf paper, cutting out the sections for the sink and faucet. Then I assembled the kitchen.


Next, I cut the poster-board so that it aligned with the backside of the toy kitchen, overlapping enough to put a few nails along each vertical beam. Then I added the stick-on backsplash before nailing poster board to the kitchen.


Here are some of the different ways we have had our IKEA kitchen set up in the playroom.


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