There’s No Place Like Home – Quarantine Birthday Party

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For Carli’s 3rd birthday, we were months into the COVID-19 shut downs and global pandemic. So, unlike her 1st and 2nd birthdays where we had invited 20 or so kids – this year we had to keep things small. Luckily the zoo was open so we were able to do a zoo day with a friend and then have a small family party that night. The party was the perfect quarantine birthday theme – There’s No Place Like Home!

This theme was also inspired by Pinterest. I had actually been wanting to do the daisy theme for Carli for a while (the theme I ended up using for Tomi’s 1st Birthday). But then given the circumstances of Carli’s birthday falling during the pandemic, and seeing this genius theme – I knew I had to do it! It was perfect for our girl Carli, who loves anything Pink and Rainbows. The chocolate cake with pink frosting was also requested by Carli. As much as I plan out the majority of her parties at this age, it is fun when they start to have opinions and request things at their party! I feel like it makes it extra special when they see the details they asked for on their birthday. This year Carli was old enough to open her own gifts. I ended up opening her gifts for her after her 2nd birthday, she opened one or two and lost interest. So I ended up having half of them and she opened them at Christmas! BUT- this year, the year she turned 3, she opened her own gifts and was so exited about each one. 

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Someday I'll Wish Upon A Star...

The pandemic was hard on kids in so many ways, and parents everywhere know that. I feel extra fortunate that mine were so little. She is resilient and didn’t have to endure most of what older aged kids had too. Still, while we were in the midst of it, it wasn’t hard to see the effects on her. She would get upset when we left the house, because she was so used to staying home all of the time. By the time October rolled around we were in a low point of the pandemic, right before things started to ramp up again in the winter. So at this time, the zoo was open and we were able to do that as an activity outside of the home. Surprising Carli with a zoo trip and then a rainbow themed birthday party with just the family was an awesome distraction for everyone.

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