Pizza My Heart Valentines Party

Love You To P I Z Z A S

Carli's Cucina

I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea once I dreamed it up! There are so many toy kitchen accessories and toy food for the girls play kitchen that I am always seeing and wanting to buy! I wonder who has more fun with this toy kitchen most of the time – them or me! I was noticing how much we have that would fit this little pretend play set up perfectly! Carli’s Cucina came to me when I was looking up inspiration for traditional, authentic, cute, lovely little Italian pizzerias. The toy tomatos, olive oil, pizza, flour! It was just too easy! I grabbed some poster board and calligraphy pens I had laying around and had some fun creating the LOVE inspired menu! The little ristorante and cucina pizzeria came together so perfectly and the girls had a blast playing all day long!ย 

We has some friends come over and make some pizzas and play pretend in the kitchen and restaurant! I was gifted these cute themed balloons from Pretty Collected!ย 

Olive Branch and Red Baby Breathe, Valentine's Balloon Garland

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