Cute Curious George 2nd Birthday Party

Curious George was Carli’s favorite!! We knew we had to make her 2nd Birthday Theme Curious George. I wasn’t loving the idea of throwing a Yellow/Red/Brown themed birthday party! But I came up with a cute idea to make this a girly and cute Curious George Party! In the original movie, there is a scene where George grabs a bunch of balloons and is flying high over central park. I made this the theme of the party, George, flying away with his bunch of balloons!

The cake was a simple Costco cake, ordered from the Bakery, with a clean edge, simple plain white frosting was requested. Then – at home, I added the George and Balloon cake toppers, the ‘Happy Birthday’ letter candles, and threw some sprinkles along the edge. This was an affordable way to feed a lot of mouths and also create exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted it to look simple so I didn’t want to buy one off the shelf and I specified when I had it made to order that I didn’t even want the ruffle edge of icing around it! The bakery at COSTCO called me to confirm and warmed me this meant that they wouldnt be able to hide any imperfections if they just did a square edge plain white frosting… but I didn’t mind! It’s what I wanted, and when I threw the sprinkles on the edge and put the balloons and George cake toppers on, I was very pleased with the outcome. 

I found these little table stand centerpieces on amazon. They were perfect because they hold the balloons and then create the appearance of perfect little bunches of balloons. This is great for any party, but especially for this party as the balloon bunch was a cute theme throughout the party!

I found these wall decals for George and the balloons and felt like it would be perfect to use it for the party and then since they are removable wall decals, she could have them in her room after the party. I used just the portion of George holding onto the balloons and put it on a white poster board that I taped to this chalk board sign. Then I tied an actual bunch of balloons near the hand.

For this party, we had to use a nearby park because our home was under construction for our addition. After having our baby shower, and first birthday at our home, I wasn’t sure if there would be enough entertainment for the kids at the party if we were just in a park. For this reason, we looked into a bounce house. I was referred to a company that provided packages and we were able to rent table, chairs and a bounce house for a very reasonable price.

My sister helped me by drawing up this Curious George cut out for a little kiddo photo booth! It was a huge hit, the kids loved having a prop their size, whether or not they fully understood the photo booth concept! It was a fun detail to add to the party and the decor. 

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As I said, we were in the midst of a home addition, and with the construction taking over the back yard, we had to use a park for the party. I wanted to ensure the kids, had something to do, so I was so glad we were able to find a bounce house within budget! They kids loved this so much, it is great way to counteract all of the sugar they may be eating with cake and other treats! Carli was exhausted from so much jumping and went to bed easily after the party. 

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