Danielle’s 30th in Palm Springs!

I have been planning both of my younger sisters weddings for years now, even when they weren’t with a boyfriend, we were always planning! We had always talked about doing a bachelorette in Palm Springs or Vegas. Last year, Danielle was in a new relationship, and wanted to have a big bash for her 3oth birthday. She said, “Why wait for a bachelorette?! Lets go to Palm Springs now!” I was already planning a surprise party for her so I took the reins and decided to throw her a big party with all of her friends.ย 

It took me a while to write this post – in this post – I talk about the rough time I had that weekend as I was battling some intense emotions that I didn’t yet know was Post Partum Depression. It was hard for me to come back to this and write about it! Months later, as I have been treating my depression and feeling better everyday, I feel like Danielle deserves me to put some text into this post! Up until now, it was just the photos from this weekend. Luckily we had a GORGEOUS AirBnB (with an amazing and super nice host by the way) which was the perfect backdrop for this party decor.ย 

My sister and her friends were the happiest group of people ever! They were so much fun, it was impossible to not smile around them. I can’t wait for the next weekend house party with this party animals!!ย 


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